Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

The Exotic Kopi Luwak

As Indonesian citizens, we could be so proud because we have a kind of coffee that is very high in price, but still competitive. Ya, according to the survey held by Forbes Magazines, Kopi Luwak—kind of robusta and arabica coffee from Indonesia–is listed as the most expensive coffee in the world.


Kopi Luwak is intimately linked to the digestive tract of the common palm civet in many island in Indonesia, because originally, Luwak it self derived from the name of animal that eat the raw red coffee. This animal eat the softer outer part of the coffee cherry but does not digest the inner beans, instead excreting them still covered in some inner layers of the cherry. This is the reason why the locals believe that enzymes from the stomach of the civet add the flavor to the coffee.


People said that Kopi Luwak is very special for its heavy flavors, enriched with the hints of caramels and chocolate. Other people who have testify to it flavor said that Kopi Luwak is earthy, musty and exotic.

Well, I have to be honest here, I still have no experience with Kopi Luwak. But, at a time, I’ve ever watched the testimonials of its buyers in Oprah Winfrey. Here’s the screen shoot :


Hmm.. I’ve been thinking about buying this coffee by the website, but Uhmm.. The price is quite high, it is sold for $160 per pound and it’s not a good idea :)