Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Provide Original Civet Coffee(Kopi Luwak)

The Mongoose Coffee (Kopi Luwak). Not a lot of coffee lovers who know where this coffee comes from and how the process is supposedly the most expensive coffee is up in your grasp.

Based on information gathered Blogger Indonesia from various sources, coffee mongoose is the kind of coffee is processed by natural fermentation in the digestive tract of animals whose names Mongoose. Mongoose is an animal that is similar to ferrets, but Mongoose usually live in trees.

Mongoose usually aged 80-10 years in search of food by mouth muzzle white or gray at night. After eating the beans, coffee beans then automatically processed in the stomach mongoose approximately 12 hours. Mongoose edible beans are mixed with enzymes that will exist in the gut mongoose. Because coffee beans were very hard then the coffee beans that have been in the eating mongoose will be issued again.

Although there was dirty and nasty, that's what a unique coffee aroma and marsh mongoose and appreciated very expensive. Even in the United States there is a cafe or coffee shop that sells the mongoose or civet coffee is quite expensive price. Price of a cup of coffee in America mongoose ranges 100-200 U.S. dollars or approximately Rp1-2 million. Coffee prices soared mongoose is increasingly in the international market because of outstanding only approximately 500 pounds only.

In Indonesia, Mongoose Coffee (Kopi Luwak) prices varied. For the price of raw sewage appreciated Raw or Rp350 thousand per kilogram, or the Green Bean coffee beans that have been processed up to stage the buyer is ready and dispensing their own lives in accordance with the tastes valued at 700 thousand / kg and mongoose coffee powder or coffee that was ready to be enjoyed appreciated Rp900 thousand per pounds. Wow is not expensive? lol

Mongoose coffee powder is also not carelessly thrown on the market. This coffee grounds to pass the taste test to prove the quality in accordance with his reputation. The test, called test cup can only be done from professionals who already have certification from international coffee research agency.